A healthy way of living

The Welton brand represents a healthy and modern lifestyle. The excellent quality and modern design of our products give our customers a sense of privilege. A broad spectrum of products, years of experience and a modern approach are the things that make us stand out from the crowd. The mix of both years of experience and a young, energetic staff is what made our brand make a huge impact on the market in a short amount of time.

It was established in 2007. and the dream was to have a brand that would unite the vision of a long-standing family business and the pleasure and experience of creating something new and exciting every day. That is why Welton is always new and fresh. A group of young people work hard every day to ensure that your every Welton moment is special and extraordinary. 

The range is Welton products is very broad. The reason for that is the need to create a brand that would become a part of your lifestyle. We aim to soothe the stress from a fast paced, modern lifestyle by giving you moments of personal enjoyment. Those moments are your very own, with feelings of attention and warmth. With excellent quality, great taste and design, Welton gives you the chance to make those moments special and a part of your lifestyle. Drinking tea, getting together with friends for coffee, cooking for your loved ones…

Welton is a brand that’s made to last and it is built patiently on making great decisions. It’s intended for future generations that want to make the statement that it is exactly those precious little moments that make life great. We’re here to offer you those moments.

Your Welton

Excellent quality

Our company has HACCP certification for production and packaging of tea, certified by the TÜV of Serbia, and we’re currently implementing IFS standards in food safety. We strive to constantly perfect the quality of our products and to deliver the highest quality products to our customers.