44 g

Forest fruits

Flavored blend of herbal tea


Flower hibiscus 40% (hibiscic flos), the fruit of wild apples 20% (piri mali fructus), rosehip fruit 12% (cynosbati fructus), fruit aronije 9,5% (aroniae fructus), blend of forest fruit 8%, fruit elderberry 6% (sambuci fructus), milled cinnamon bark 3,5% (cinnamon), fruit of black currant 1% (ribis nigri fructus)
Quality I

nutritive value

nutritive value 100g of tea 2,2g/200ml of water
Energy 1465,8 kJ/ 32,25 kJ/
345,4 kcal 7,6 kcal
Proteins 5,0 g 0,11 g
Carbohydrates 77,3 g 1,70 g
Fat 1,8 g 0,04 g

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